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I have a Volvo V70T5 with 65k miles on it. I had to replace the transmission at 40k and now it needs a new transmission again!

Obviously the transmissions in these cars are faulty (I have found many complaints online from other owners) but Volvo NA refuses to stand by it's product. I bought this car because I had always heard they last for many, many miles. This is not true! At least not any more.

The transmission fails, Volvo sells the customer another transmission, the service dealer gets more work and the only person that loses in the deal is the customer. Don't buy Volvo.

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Monetary Loss: $7900.

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Berlin, Berlin, Germany #744333

I totaly agree!!! DO NOT BUY A Volvo!!!!!

our car is now 1 1/2 years old and every week we have a new Problem! 35 at this time! the car was new ordered in may 2012! after 16 weeks in a Volvo Center, we still have the Problems.

and Volvo Car Germany is not willing to take the car back! They just say : Show it to us!

we did, but they cant repair anything!!! Volvo Is such a F****

San Bruno, California, United States #714519

I agree with you about not buying Volvo.

I just donated my 2002 Volvo S80. It needed the Catalytic concerters replaced due to debris in the emission system. Quoted cost to replace was $6,000. (Car value - if running, was only about $4,300.) It had 118,356 miles on it. At the time I donated it, it couldn't start.

It had a new transmission in 2009 at 81,000 miles.

It had many costly things go wrong over the years that I NEVER had to replace on American cars I've owned.

The car had been in shop in June to repair a shock absorber and link at a cost of $1490, plus front brakes. Now, less than 2 months later the emission system is so badly damaged that the car couldn't accelerate. So the problem was brand new, or just not detected in June.

I really liked the car, but could not justify spending another 6K to repair it when something else would no doubt need repairing soon...

So, I donated it to a good cause, and bought a brand new Jeep! Very happy with my decision.

I plan on calling the Volvo customer care number to complain. I know it won't change anything with my car, but at least I can vent. Also commenting where I can.

If planning to buy a Volvo - new or used, read everything - good and bad about them. They are very expensive to have repaired and you just never know what will happen.

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