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I have a 2013 XC60 T6 AWD with Polestar chip added. I bought this with 6100 miles from a dealer in Santa Rosa, California. It was a dealer loaner.

It has nearly all the bells and whistles I wanted. Added the Polestar chip prior to taking delivery.

This car is serviced every 10,000 miles and is a daily commuter. The car flies when pushed.

I've replaced the breaks twice, a set of tires, rubber around the sunroof.

I enjoy driving this car every day.

My experience is that most people do not maintain their cars the way they should. They are driven into the ground. Perhaps they live in rural areas and the roads aren't well maintained.

I too would agree Volvo's are not the car they used to be. What car is?

We own 3 now, but have had 3 prior.

It is a shame that they no longer build a true T6. Everything is now a I4 with all types of motors and batteries, more to go wrong.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

I liked: Hold up well.

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