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I purchased 2015 XC 60 in November of 2014. After having the paper work signed the salesman gave me the key to my car. When I tried to start the car it would not start. The salesperson gave me a number of excuses. He then jumped the car and took it Service. After half hour he came back and stated that the battery was bad and they changed the battery. What a joke - new car but bad battery.

About three months after battery light came on but soon disappeared. Four months after this incident battery light came back again and car almost stopped on highway. If I was not careful and if I were in heavy traffic I would most probably have been killed along with others. When I stopped a number of lights started flashing such as battery light, brake light, ABS light, transmission service light and a number of other lights.

Volvo of Tacoma kept the car for a week to determine the problem. The Service Advisor told me that I was not qualified for a Loaner which Salesnman had boasted about. According the paperwork they claim to have replaced the battery and Alternator.

No one responded to my verbal and written complaint for over a week. When Frank Lee finally called me He told me that he was the owner of Volvo of Tacoma. When I challenged him about his ownership he gave me another story. In addition, he told me that there was nothing unsafe about the car. He also told me that the higher ups had directed him not to talk me.

Since the car frequently shakes off and on and because of replacement two batteries and Alternator within 10,000 miles I do not feel safe driving this car. O'Brien group - the owner of Volvo dealership refused to give me an even exchange.

Based on my experience I would recommend people to stay away from this dealership (Volvo Dealership) and O'Brien Group - the owner of Volvo dealership.


Product or Service Mentioned: Volvo Cars Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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